The buzziness of crowd wisdom


People behind Buzzle

2 wine enthusiasts and serial entrepreneurs, Rajagopal Mallikarjunan and Prabhakar Valivati thought of tapping into crowd wisdom and knowledge to make better choices for users around common interests. It happened over a glass of a Chilean Red and hence Buzzle – and Winescapes – were born, to reduce the risk of making of a bad choice amongst a mind boggling number of wine choices. After all, a bad wine and good money go down the drain….literally. And a good wine is sheer pleasure!

Prabhakar Valivati :

Has an engineering degree in Electronics and a PGDM from IIM Bangalore. Has been a management professional and entrepreneur for over 25 years, with experience in Marketing, Finance, Strategy, International Business and enterprise building. He co founded RelQ Software, a Software Testing company which was sold to EDS and has promoted MentorSquare Advisors, to help small businesses conduct their business affairs in a more professional manner.

Mallikarjunan Rajagopal:

Raj (Rex) has a BS, BE(IISc) and PGDM(IIMB) with many years of enterprise software, groupware, web, security and consulting experience. Previous product ventures included SignOne, one of the earliest Identity Management and Provisioning products; Collaboration & KM product, extensive work on ERP and Groupware IP building.

Raj is a knowledge entrepreneur by profession and a dreamer by design. Passionate about technology, innovation, abstract art, travel, sports and red wine – not necessarily in that order.