The buzziness of crowd wisdom

Malcolm Gladwell proposed what is now called the 10000 hour rule :

If you want to become pretty good at something – an Expert – you need to spend at least 10000 hours before you get there !

If you are looking to do serious stuff or seek serious counsel , the 10000 hour rule selects itself. You do not want to deal with a brain surgeon or a tax consultant with less than that kind of expertise to mess around with your important stuff !

But when you are enthusiastic about a hobby, a leisure time pursuit, something you do for fun, as a lifestyle experience or as a casual endeavor, do you really want to spend so much time and become an expert ? It would take the edge off the fun. Sure, you want to know what Experts think. But if you want a steady flow of opinions and views from other casual enthusiasts like yourself, where do you go ?

Enter Buzzle. A place to get unbiased , valuable opinions about what you are interested in, from other such fun loving people around the world, who share your interests. Especially on products where making a decision on what to buy is daunting and sometimes stressful. Knowing opinions of similarly inclined people will help you make a more informed decision about products and services. And remove the stress from shopping.

Buzzle Networks is a mobile and Internet initiative to unite people like yourselves around common interests, where you can express yourself on your interests. Comment. Opine. Disapprove. Approve. Trash. Gush. Admire. Vent spleen….

And make concrete, unequivocal recommendations about products and services your groups like. What to buy…where to buy…and how to enjoy your purchase. Like Wine…or Single Malts…or Cheese…or outdoor activities….or any other fun time interest…… so that when YOU want to make a decision, know what the world is saying.

And then make an informed choice.

Buzzle’s first offering, WineScapes, will help you with Wine. Always a pleasure to drink. Mostly, a pain to choose ! What wine to buy…where…and what all can you do to help you enjoy it ! Check out